Two Kinds of Prayers

A Thanksgiving Meditation


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The first kind of prayers originates from the mind. We have clear thoughts, desires and contentions for why we want something. We beseech and petition God with our requests. God often receives such prayers with a grain of salt, for His plans for us are always more exalted than our plans for ourselves that are patterned by our limited understanding.

The second kind of prayers dwells within the heart. It may be subconscious or subliminal, but our heart senses and feels the yearnings all the time. God in His infinite wisdom is ever observant. He knows us more intimately and deeply than we can ever know ourselves. Without our formal prayers and petitions, He often answers these prayers in the most enchanting and miraculous ways.

What would life be like, if we learned to accept and prefer God’s will to our own?



Gemma Jiang, PhD

Senior Team Scientist, Colorado State University; Complexity Leadership Scholar and Practitioner; also at